A List of Things to Expect

First things first,

#1 You are not going to be able to watch any of these movies without having access to some form of movie watching platform or paying. Another option would be to stream these movies on a different viewing site.  

#2 This is all based on recent information, ratings, and opinion. It may not meet your every need or expectations, but you may reach out and give recommendations for more content. I am all ears when it comes to feedback so feel free to reach out to my email. 🙂

#3 There is absolutely NO room for hatred and nasty comments! It is unacceptable and not what this blog is for. 

#4  I will try to satisfy your needs and not waste your time of scrolling through different platforms. I will try to generate as many narrowed genres to match your mood so there it will be easier to make a decision when watching a movie with friends or family members. 

#5 Sit back with your favorite snack, snuggle up, and enjoy your goddamn movie!

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