How to Have The Perfect Movie Night

There are a handful of aspects that help make the perfect movie night whether it be with friends, family, or of course maybe a potential crush ;-). It is important to note that everyone has their own preference when it comes to how one enjoys watching movies. These are a couple tips to look into!

It is important that beforehand a movie is decided to be viewed. You can get creative with the snack and drink options with recipes from Pinterest or any other snack recipe blog. My go to snack will always and forever be popcorn! Having a location with perhaps a couch, good speakers, and of course a TV will also help with being prepared to have the perfect movie night.

#1 GET COZY!!!!

It is so important that you are comfortable so you can thoroughly enjoy a movie without fidgeting all the time. Getting cozy can mean a couple of things. For example:

Putting on your comfy clothes or pj’s

I prefer my fuzzy sweatshirt, some comfy leggings, and of course fuzzy socks!

Grabbing your favorite pillow and blanket to feel fully comfortable wherever you are

Fuzzy blankets and even a pillow that says snuggle add to my comfort


Having snacks nearby is an important part of movie enjoying experience since you don’t want to miss a single scene. A nice combination of salty and sweet snacks lets whoever you are with have a selection. I love popping popcorn and adding M&M’s to create the perfect mix.

Popcorn, sweets, and hot chocolate OH MY!


Dim lighting or even all lights off help with fully seeing the screen and creates a movie theatre experience. Some scented candles or twinkly lights are nice to have on in case of emergency bathroom breaks.

You can’t watch a movie without a TV!

All three of these combinations together will simply create the perfect movie night! 🙂

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  1. caffeinatingthecity says: Reply

    These tips definitely make for a perfect movie night. I approve!

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