Great Snacks to Savor

What is a movie without a great snack to savor on the side? When it comes to movies everyone thinks about the usual snacks like candy and popcorn. Well, there are so many different ways to choose your snacks. Salty or sweet my go-to has always been popcorn with M&M’s because they make a killer combination, BUT there is a wide range of options to choose from! Depending on what kind of movie night you are having, there is always room for creativity and theming your snacks.

Everyone has a preference when it comes to snacks and I tend to look to other sites and videos for inspiration so I have piled to different ways to create a snack for movie night! Here are 5 different snack outlets!

Tastyh always has great videos when it comes to meal prep

Tip: nachos are perfect for group settings!

Twisted has more intricate and time demanding when it comes to meal prep but still looks absolutely delicious!

Not gonna lie but putting cheese on fries is absolute genius!

If you are feeling to be extra fancy when it comes to snacking I highly recommend checking out these recipes on Eatwell101

Sometimes snacking is not really healthy but Greatist provides some recipes to help stay healthy which some may take some extra time to prep as well

Will definitely have to try this s’mores dip!

Amazing and delicious gluten-free options and recipes are provided by Rachel Mansfield on her blog. This allows those with allergies to enjoy snacking and movies too!

Be a #snackqueen or #snackdaddy at your next movie night! Be sure to share and tag in any snack adventure!

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