A Blog, An App, And Streaming OH MY!

There are some other outlets for movie viewing pleasure. Below is a blog that provides trailers to new movies coming to theatres soon. There is also an app that allows you to create almost a playlist for movies to watch. Finally, there is a streaming platform that provides all outlets to different platforms and includes recommended lists from IMDB and more. Here is a glimpse of each outlet.

Trailer Addict


Trailer Addict is a very cool site where one can watch trailers to movies coming out in the theatres soon. The website even provides some images that are to be featured in the movies. It also includes the release dates of these movies.



Popcorn is basically a Tinder for movies. You swipe right on the movies you like and swipe left for the ones you don’t. This app allows you to browse movies by genre, create a watchlist, and watch trailers. Some movies may be missing to add to your watch list but this app provides a good selection.


Reelgood allows you to combine all your subscriptions and streaming platforms together to view movies or shows at any moment. It also provides recommended lists from IMDB and Oscar Nominees. This networks can shoe what movies are new, coming, and leaving from all platforms.



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