How to Save Money On Movie Night

Going to the movies is always super costly and can hurt the wallet. :-/ On the bright side there are some tips to save money the next time you want to watch a movie with some friends or significant other. Below is a list of tips of having a movie night but also saving both time and money!

Going to a Movie Theatre

1)Find the deals in your town. In New York City the price for a movie ticket can range to about $17, but in other cities, I know some theatres provide a student discount or even $5 Tuesday’s. There is also a movie pass that may be coming back where you can watch a movie a day by only paying $10 a month.

2) Sneak in snacks!!! I know that you’re not supposed to but honestly who wants to spend $5 on a box of M&M’s when you can get them for a little over a dollar at a Bodega or Walgreens on the way? It’s overpriced and when you’re a broke college kid it’s a good way to save money. Or if they don’t have the snacks you like then you might as well bring your favorite.

At Home Movie Night

1)DVDs. If you have a DVD player still and own a couple of movies you might as well watch choose from the selection especially if they are your favorites.

2) Subscription. Whether it’s your parent’s subscription or yours Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime is a great way to get a various selection and find something new.

3) Snacks. Go to your local Bodega, 7/11, or supermarket for snacks at a cheap price. Normally, off-brand tastes the same but is a great value.

4) Share. Split your cost for snacks and get a family pack with a friend or special someone. Make it a late night adventure and have some fun debating which snacks are better or compromising on ice cream.

OVERALL, have a good time and enjoy your movie! 🙂

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