A Movie With a Side of Coffee

Cafe Lalo here in New York City is the key feature in the romantic comedy, You’ve Got Mail. You can enjoy this movie for $3.99 on Amazon Prime. Cafe Lalo is located at 201 W 83rd St in New York City. I visited with a good friend from the blog Caffeinating the City. We enjoyed this romantic comedy with a side of coffee. Check out her blog! There is no judgment from watching a movie in a cafe. Surely the people of New York have seen worse! 🙂

The cafe was absolutely beautiful and provided a cozy mood for us to enjoy a movie in public. Plus, who could go wrong with the coffee being served in milkshake glasses. Cafe Lalo is very popular because the movie You’ve Got Mail and it felt quite ironic to watch it in the cafe.

Such a good and fun time here in this cafe! Check out Caffeinating the City for other coffee shop options here in New York City!

*heart eyes* for these heart chairs!!

Overall, a lovely vibe from Cafe Lalo and always good to get with a friend over coffee and movies. They really can go together!

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