Scrumptious Salads With Mood Movies

For those who prefer a healthier option for their movie watching pleasures here is a salad, I am preparing with a dear friend and salad blogger Whitney Winn. She has so many ways to prepare different scrumptious salads! Below will be some steps as to how to prepare this salad and a review on the taste. I hope you enjoy it and check out her blog for other options! 🙂

So, we created a lovely kale salad with blueberries, feta, quinoa, avocado, and some squash. The kale is garnished in honey, lemon, and hummus! The squash was roasted in truffle oil. Which is my favorite kind of oil! All these mixed together was a great weekend in the sun salad! I absolutely loved it!

Make sure to hashtag #saladcontent if you make one of her fabulous salads!

Here is another salad provided by Scrumptious Salads! Enjoy and get your salad on!

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